Siding Installation

Vinyl siding is attractive, versatile, and durable. It is also less expensive than traditional options. At Innovation Renovation, we will meet with you to discuss your options, such as the color and style you would like, vertical vs. horizontal application, and insulation options. We will then remove your existing siding, perform any other upgrades you have chosen, and apply your new vinyl siding. At Innovation Renovation and Roofing we only use the best quality materials. One of our siding suppliers, Mitten Vinyl, backs its products with the Mitten Lifetime Transferable Warranty, good for the lifetime of the product no matter how many times the property changes hands. This kind of dedication to reliability is how we have built our reputation as leaders in exterior renovations at Innovation Renovation.

Did you know that vinyl siding can be recycled? In fact, between 60 and 70% of all vinyl products are made from recycled vinyl!

What are the benefits of vinyl siding?

  • It is long-lasting from 20 to 40 years on average.
  • It is low maintenance.
  • Easy to install.
  • It is moisture resistant which means that it does a great job of keeping moisture out so that it doesn’t become warped or rot.
  • It can also stand up to snow, so it’s also ideal for colder areas.
  • Vinyl siding helps increase a home’s value by adding a fresh appearance, durability, low maintenance, and energy efficiency. According to the 2019 Home Remodeling Impact Report, a vinyl siding upgrade will increase a home’s value by 63 percent of the project’s cost.

Other Types Of Siding
Higher ends sidings are available too like Fiber Cement Hardboard Siding (By James Hardie), 7″ Celect Cellular Composite (By Royal), Siding Longboard, LUX panels, and Seamless Steel PVC coated siding.

The choice is up to you and there is a variety. Fiber-cement siding has become a popular siding choice for many homeowners, offering the look of masonry, stucco, or wood at a lower cost, Fiber-cement siding is low-maintenance, non-flammable, and termite-resistant. Available in a range of styles and textures, factory painting or finishes are highly recommended.

Engineered wood and cultured stone are two other types that are also popular.

At Innovation Renovation and Roofing we use James Hardie products for our fiber-cement siding. They have a reputation in the industry for innovation and consequently invest heavily in research and development. They have a special emphasis on product quality and production efficiency to develop durable and low-maintenance siding products and backer board.

Celect Cellular Composite (By Royal) is engineered to elevate your entire home exterior with gorgeous, virtually seamless looks, Celect is durable, virtually maintenance-free, and compatible with any home design. Celect is made from recyclable, state-of-the-art cellular materials. This means it won’t rot, split, crack, warp, twist, blister, flake, peel, delaminate or suffer the loss of structural properties due to termites, microbiological growth, or other decay.